January 17, 2016



Here’s what our clients and tenants are saying about us!


“Gobind is by far the best landlord I have had. He has a wonderful sense of character and brings a level of comfort when needing to address an issue, when with other landlords you may feel timid to contact. Gobind ensures that everyone is on the same page and is always willing to go that extra mile to elaborate on any discussions.”

– Arlene Anderson, Tenant 2015/2016

“Gobind is a very friendly and approachable individual. He is responsive to any issues that I bring up and has a solution almost immediately. He is a very professional landlord and I would highly recommend himself and his properties to anyone who is looking to have a superior rental experience.”

– Cassandra Best, Tenant 2015/2016

“Having Gobind as a landlord as been a very positive experience as a tenant. Gobind has been quick to respond to questions, and promptly provided us with assistance where it was needed throughout the period of the lease. Gobind was very understanding with concerns within the household, provided us with possible solutions while remaining objective and remained patient while the concerns were being dealt with.”

– Hillary Brownlee, Tenant 2015/2016

We do our best to meet the diverse needs of our clients and tenants!

“Gobind has been helpful with problems we have in the house in terms of electricity and maintenance. He is also very easy going when it comes to having guests in the house and decoration. We are grateful to have him as our landlord.” 

– Bailey Kimball, Tenant 2015/2016

“Gobind is very professional, responded to our questions promptly and I would definitely rent from him again.”

– Melanie Williams, Tenant 2015/2016

“Gobind is friendly, reliable, approachable and professional. He is readily available and easy to communicate. If ever a problem, Gobind deals with the issue promptly, and regularly goes out of his way to check in with his tenants, making sure everything is in order and that our needs are met. Both flexible and fair, Gobind is an excellent landlord who always has the best interest of his tenants in mind.”

– Samantha Symonds, Tenant 2015/2016