January 21, 2016


 We offer a diverse range of services that can be custom tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients!

Investment Opportunities

The real estate market is in constant flux, and it pays to have your ear to the ground, so to speak. At RedStone Properties, we make a point of knowing the landscape of the industry and keeping up to date with property listings. RedStone Properties, and the well-seasoned real estate professionals with whom we are associated, are constantly on the lookout for good investments for new clients. You are the client.

RedStone Properties’ responsibilities include:

  • Finding the right property
  • Facilitating the purchase
  • Carrying out any maintenance/renovations
  • Creating an investment plan to meet your needs
  • Setting optimal rental rates
  • Finding and managing tenants
  • Collecting and processing rent

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Watching your new asset reap financial reward

Whether you are looking to start building your investment portfolio, or are looking to expand your holdings, choose a management company that grants you profit and peace of mind. Choose RedStone Properties.

 Property Management Services

There is no question that owning a property is good for your financial portfolio and building net worth. Unfortunately, properties often require much more than a financial investment. Hiring RedStone Properties to take care of the legwork allows you to build your portfolio without becoming mired in the details.

Six reasons you should hire RedStone Properties as your property management company:

  1. We are a management company focused on just that: properly managing your asset
  2. RedStone Properties’ interests align with yours; growing your asset
  3. Our staff are efficient, thorough, and diligent in maintaining your property
  4. RedStone Properties will properly screen tenants to mitigate complications and stress
  5. We have tapped the rental market and have a steady flow of prospective tenants
  6. RedStone Properties is a trustworthy company; you will feel informed every step of the way

Already have an income property? Why stop at one?

  • RedStone Properties can facilitate the finding and purchase of your next property. We also offer a multiple property discount on all management packages!

RedStone Properties will quarterback your management needs, and take the burden off your hands, so that you are free to devote your energy to other pursuits. Make the smart, informed choice and put your property in the hands of professionals.

 Maintenance Services

In today’s busy world, maintaining your property can feel like an inefficient use of your time. RedStone Properties is responsible for tending to our clients’ investment properties, and we are always looking to expand our maintenance holdings. Leave it to the professionals, and be sure that your property looks and functions optimally. We are timely and reliable; make the logical choice and let RedStone properties take the extra work off your hands.

Yard and Lawncare

  • RedStone Properties makes your lawn look its best! Raking, tree and bush trimming, and of course lawnmower services to keep your yard looking neat and tidy.

Snow Clearing

  • In Canada, Jack Frost spares no one, but RedStone Properties can spare you the chill by keeping your driveway free of snow and ice. Trust us to clear the weather out of your way!

Maintenance of Structures on Your Property

  • RedStone Properties has the connections and the know-how to keep things running smoothly. We are on-call for your property’s maintenance needs!

 Renovation Services

Are you looking to renovate your property, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to ‘flip’ a house, yet lack the expertise and connections?

Turn to RedStone Properties.

We can provide concise, detailed estimates of the job with very competitive rates. From there, you get to call the shots from the armchair as we take care of the daily tedious activities. Watch the transformation happen while we smooth over the snags for you.

Reasons to Renovate:

  • Mold the property to suit your vision
  • Add value to your property
  • Add aesthetic appeal to your property
  • Add function where it is poignantly absent
  • Take advantage of federal tax breaks

You’ve been meaning to renovate for a while. With RedStone Properties, you take the reins while we take action!

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